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You deserve to live a great life.  I truly believe that.  If you know how to do that, fantastic, go do it!  If you need a thought partner to help articulate your goals, desires, and even life purpose; make an action plan; and stay accountable, I'd love to connect.

Mentor Coaching
Donna is a PCC Coach with the International Coaching Federation (Professional Certified Coach).  She has coached other coaches who are going through certification and who want to build on their strengths as a coach including cementing their knowledge and practice of the ICF core competencies.

Reach out now so Donna can learn your goals and set a customized program just for you.

Leadership Coaching

Already a leader?  Want to become a leader in your organization?

It can be lonely at the top. Having held leadership positions in education and multinationals, Donna's got solid experience in leading.

Donna's leadership coaching provides a confidential space to explore ideas challenges and make conscious decisions about next steps.

Life Coaching

Do you sometimes feel like you are a bit of an outsider?  Do you feel lonely and like you don't belong?  Do you experience social anxiety?  Do you feel like you have good intentions, but are frequently misunderstood, or worse - dismissed?

Donna specializes in helping people embrace their uniqueness and to find connection with others.

Reach out now to have a chat with Donna about what is possible.

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