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Coaching is a highly personal relationship that requires a high level of trust.  Therefore, the testimonials below do not contain the names of clients.

34-year-old Male Head of International Law:

I exceeded my goals through Donna’s coaching, growing my management skills and time management in parallel to understanding the power of delegation I was able to have better relations with my colleagues and more satisfied clients.   Also, in my personal life I managed to get back the control of my life and spend more time with my wife and daughter.

37-year-old Male Entrepreneur:

With specificity, clarity, and purpose, she helped me hone in on things that eluded me for a long time,

52-year-old professional woman, South Africa:

“I enjoyed the [coaching sessions] and found them to be incredibly focused and thought provoking. They assisted me to channel my thoughts and to open me up to what are in my best interests instead of my habitual consideration of others’ needs.

Woman in mid-thirties wanting to change careers: 

Donna was just what I needed when I needed it.  She created a safe space for me to get clear about the direction I needed to take.  Her listening ear and easy-going guidance allowed me to relax into myself, get real and have the courage to take the next step.  I am so thankful for opportunity of working with her.  My life has taken a whole new direction!

Mid-thirties Male Advertising Director

In [the six months I have been coached by Donna] I have experienced great sincerity and tailoring in her approach to my needs, responding constructively to topics I needed to address by introducing valuable frameworks to explore.  There is a depth of confidence required to take part in such consultation, and in Donna Needs I am given a trusted environment to share thoughts, concerns, ideas and dreams.

Female Business Owner

Over the past 2 years I have gone from a "one person show" at home to a buzzing real office with 10 employees and Donna has been part of that ever changing dynamic.  We have gone from the initial sessions of dealing with my own personal habits and conflicts to how to deal with clients and staff…Donna's values and approach are a winning combination for me as she stands for integrity, balance and honesty while being friendly, approachable and a great listener.  Her background and personal experiences in the business world are invaluable… Donna has certainly been the sound board I was searching for!

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